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Bowson Engineering Ltd


Oak House
Dewsbury Road,
Fenton Industrial Estate
Stoke on Trent
Tel: 01782 749000
Fax: 01782 749299

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Punched Sheet

Mild steel operations

Cutting/guillotine up to 6 mm thick mild steel
Bending up to 5 mm & up to 3 meter long sheet
Punching up to 5 mm sheet size 3 m x 1.5 m
Cnc plasma/laser cutting 40 mm
Please enquire for stainless steel


Machinery list

Trumpf tc200 cnc punching machine
100 tonne edwards pearson 3m 5 axis press breake
63 tonne adira press break 2.5 m long
Guillotine - 3m x 6.5 mm with cnc back gauge
Pbr 1250/90 power rollers
1250 wide rollers up to 3 mm mild steel.
305 mm capacity band saw
Kingsland steel worker for punching & cropping
Multi spindle drill machine
Spray booth and powder coating oven 4m x 3m x 2.5m height
Various mig & tig welding machines
25kva spot welder
A range of other equipment please enquire