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powder coatingWe offer a range of colours with our in house powder coating facility. With our large box oven (4m x 3m x 2.5m height) we cater for small and large components. If preferred we are able to provide wet paint spraying. 

Powder coatings are used:
To protect the substrate they have been applied to,
to enhance the appearance of the item they have been applied to.

The key benefits of powder coatings are:
ease of application
environmentally friendly
excellence of finish
excellence of performance

Powder coatings are often used as alternatives to liquid paint finishing. In comparisons with traditional liquid finishing, powder coatings offer two significant application benefits:

they are single coat finishes, with no primer required.
high film thickness can be achieved with a single coat.

Types of powder:


Epoxy-polyester powder coating is based on specially selected resins to give the hard durable finish associated with epoxy coating but with superior heat stability and exterior durability. Typical applications are those where a tough decorative finish is desirable such as domestic appliances and office furniture. For use requiring ultimate heat stability and outside durability polyester powder should be used.
Application areas include electrical cabinets, light fittings, office furniture etc.

Epoxy powder

Epoxy powder coating is formulated to give hard durable protective finishes with excellent adhesion and chemical resistance. It has good electrostatic charging properties and excellent transfer efficiency. Recommended uses include general industrial components and applications requiring a good all round coating, such as household goods.

When long term exterior durability or heat stability is essential a powder from our range of epoxy-polysters and polyesters should be selected. Application areas include ceiling panels, display shelving, heaters, household goods, internal vehicle components, sports equipment, tubular steel furniture, wirework etc.

Polyester powder

Polyester powder coating gives excellent outside durability and resistance to yellowing. The range is formulated on selected resins and light-fast pigments to give outstanding durability. Application areas include agricultural equipment, automotive components, garden furniture, lawn mowers, cookers, heaters, window frames etc. speciality powders

Speciality powders are formulated to give a wide range of texture, structure, hammer and antique finishes. It is available in epoxy, epoxy-polyester and polyester resins. Application areas include cookers, light fittings, office equipment, shelving, domestic appliances, fire surrounds, garage equipment etc.

Finishes include:

Textures - gloss and satin which gives a rough irregular finish suitable for hiding spot welds and other substrate defects

Structures - gloss and satin which gives a "leather-look" and are gentler to the hand. They may be silk printed.

Hammers - which give an attractive appearance similar to that obtained with wet paints.

Antiques - best described as a structure with metallic veins and peaks on a contrasting background colour. An eye-finish.